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Hydro power generation Generating a clean hydro power is a huge issue all over the world. Current ways of generating clean power is not meeting the current expectation; it is old, expensive, weak and not efficient, causing a lot of power crises.

Power generation

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On the national scale using this invention will secure clean energy, as my invention is very flexible. It can be fixed in the middle of rivers, fully across rivers, floating, over flumes, over spillways of dams, or in front of water gates. It can also vary in sizes to supply a single house or to supply commercial power.

Dams generating power problems

a. Fluctuation of water levels behind the dam

b. Negative impact on fisheries

c. The formation of a huge lake behind the dam

d. Reduction of oxygen in water

e. Water stagnation and contamination behind the dam

f. Obstruction of navigation in the course of the river

g. Obstruction and accumulation of silt behind the dam

h. Huge costs for building dams

i. Political problems for building dams

j. The danger of dam collapses

New turbine







The benefits of the device:

1- By using this device, it is easy to overcome all the side effects that result from building dams in addition generation the same amount of power if not more which requires building a dam.

2- The device is designed in a way that satisfies the demands of the laws of physics and liquids.

3- It doesn't block navigation across the stream course.

4- It produces clean energy and environment friendly.

5- It is a great cheep renewable resource of energy.

6- It doesn't need lots of facilities for manufacturing the device.

7- Easy maintenance.

8- The device can be fixed over spillways of dams or water gateways, over a flume or as a floating object also over gateways or even as a stand alone unit.

9- It can be fixed across the width or the length of the water stream.

10- It is easy to fix.

11- It doesn't need to be moved to a different location for mentainance.

12- It is a stable source of energy when compared with wind energy.

13- It helps to increase O2 in water.

14- It doesn't have any negative side effect in the water stream such as producing aggressive current that sweeps the soil ( the distances between the paddles in the device solved that problem).

Primery Model

This patent is capable to produces electricity form moving water, for the primary turbine trial 2 years ago produced 400 watt per hour as shown, this was with very basic materials and technology. Last research confirms that the turbine invented, when it is connected with a modern generator can produce 500 megawatt per hour that is equal to 4.368 Gigawatt/year for each device. In a bigger scall, the generation of 100 devices will generate 436.8 Gigawatt/year and it can be bigger as there are no limits for generating power form big reivers. There is no need to build dams or barriers and it doesn't need water level differences before and after the device, as it functions with normal water current.