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Novelty Power Limited

Powerful ideas for new life…..
New treatment discovered, not only treating the side effects of the infected patients but acting beyond that. Gladly announcing that we had achieved a breakthrough regarding the covid-19 and its variants, we found a treatment to get rid of the virus inside the lungs. We have come up with a technique and a device to manage the virus.

We are crying out for the NZ ministry of health and/or ministry of Covid-19 to sponsor our medication that will save lives, countries and return life as it was before COVID-19.



Current treatment used

To date there are no Medicine or treatment for the infected cases !

To date, there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the new Coronavirus. Specific treatments if there is any, will be under investigation and will be tested through clinical trials for long time. About one year or more

“ It is important to note, the only medication with a current approved indication for the treatment of COVID-19 in New Zealand is dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone is a type of corticosteroid, which is a medicine that reduces inflammation...” (NZ Ministry of health, Jol.2021)
All the treatment currently used in all over the world depend on treating the side effects of the infected patients ….


The most recent additional protection for patients.

Monoclonal antibodies “made up by a combination of two antibodies” the NEJM article stated.

Scientists are not claiming the shot would replace a vaccine, rather it would add more protection, complementary to a vaccine. It reduces both infection and symptoms

This type of monoclonal antibodies are made by Regen-Cov (manufactured by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals) and Sotrovimab (by GlaxoSmithKline).

Disadvantages of some treatments and protection procedure

1. High cost

2. Can’t handle the virus variants surprises

3. Not easy to get or manufactured localy

4. Limited to big medicine company rights



The most new treatment for infected Covid-19 patients:

Novelty power limited is registered company in New Zealand for investment of patients, new inventions, and new ideas. We would like to gladly announce that we have achieved a breakthrough regarding the covid-19 and its variants. We have found a treatment to get rid of the virus and get patients back to their normal life in a short time. We have come up with a technique and a device to manage the virus, dealing with the infected lungs, it doesn't treat the side effects of Covid-19, instead it deals with the source. It is super effective using an inventive way to deal with Covid-19 and its variants.

I present to you a short way to save lives, stop the economic bleeding and get normal life back again. The treatment successfully treated two cases, the results are unbelievably great. The treatment is amazingly effective to save lives in a short time, it even exceeded our expectations. It is affordable and can be easily massively produced and provided. No further threats by any other respiratory viruses or variants after approving this treatment, as it can overcome any variant or any new virus of the same mechanism.

The technique is brand new, newly discovered in New Zealand, it was finalized a few weeks ago. The technique and the device rights are protected to the director of Novelty power limited company. So, we have the legal right to sell it or grant a license of using the new technique and device, there are no other agents, representatives or organizations acting on my behalf.

Now it is the opportunity to start treating the infected people within a few days after taking the necessary medical approvals, by getting the rights of the protected treatment idea, and applying the technique within your country only, after the company consent.
The licensing price will be affordable and not comparable with the treatment results, we extremely value people's lives and strongly encourage you to start the legal process of using the treatment.

You can contact us to start the short powerful way of treatment to stop this plague immediately.

Finally, now it is possible to stop this pandemic and even any kind of flu.