Novelty Power Limited


Novelty Power Limited

Novelty Power Limited is a NZ Limited Company registered in New Zealand. It was incorporated on 24-July, 2019 at the Registrar of Companies. The idea started on 28th of Aug 2016 when the first important inventive idea was born.




Novelty Power limited (NPL.) is a platform to launch new effective ideas into the marketplace in the form of a new product or service, either by giving a license to the customer, or to work it out by itself, or side by side. Novelty power limited within the past few years dealt with the toughest challenges that concern our daily life needs. Challenges aren't solved alone, in some cases, it is a journey of long perseverance, on the others the innovative idea itself can express the breakthrough of its field.

Our values are to create an easier way of life mixed with inventive ideas.

Novelty power limited in the last two years presented projects to save the natural resources and assets to make it more sustainable to the coming generations. There is dozens of projects and ideas to come, in many different fields like Engineering , Medical, Building, Geology, Energy, construction... and more, will be announced soon.once any of them are finalised and registered they will be published. This is not only products of NPL , but also the valuable volunteering employee involved with us. We are not saving any energy to make the future brighter, more sustainable, safer, and more enjoyable.